Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

That was actually a great game, a little short, but fun. The ONLY flaw I found in it was that the screen was too small. I had to zoom in just to play the game. Also, try adding some voice next time. Though, I did like the anime-style touch.

MonoFlauta responds:

Small for what? the small stuff was the point to make it difficult :) Anyway, glad you like it, sorry about the short, but we had just 3 days :(

Anyway, thanks for the review!

Fun story, fun little game! Only if the bugs with the welding was fixed?

Really nice and short it requires a little thinking but thats what games are for, the text is a little misleading i was expecting the legend of zelda but still a great game.

not long enough

There is a glitch with the robot part, the upper left circle will light up partly green and not let you try to cut or weld the circle again. The only way to fix this is to completely restart the game.