Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

I sure enjoyed this game alot please make more. I just love using my Wacom Bamboo tablet to help the BEST Welder in the world! Fun stuff :D

MonoFlauta responds:

LOL best mouse ever (?)
haha glad you enjoyed the game!
Thanks for the review!


Really good. The welding mixed with those frenetic cirurgy games really was nice.
My only complaint is that some times the lines marking the way to cut/weld were not very accurate with the way it worked... Besides that, really great stuff.

I dont see what people are bitching about...
It was a eally good game, and I beat it on the mousepad (forgot to log in, so dont have the medals *yet* heheh)
The lines were small enough to give it a challenge, but not small enough to be impossible... sadly on all of the levels you had to read which consumed time, maybe pausing the actions while you read would have been better, but hey, 48hrs is very little time (give it to a PROcrastinator like me to tell you that)
It was challenging (as stated before), but still fun... the bomb one took me like 10 seconds to figure out that the color at the top meant the wire you had to cut...
I've read the reviews saying the game is impossible... but cmon... i beat it on a goddamn mousepad, its not impossible, you just dont have a firm grip, so stop whinning, and get to the winning by practicing
and the robot level... well... i found it weird that you had a timer there, i understand the robot is *injured* but still you shouldnt have a time limit there (or at least change the color of the time bar to be able to see how much time left, since i realized there was time when i had like 10% left)
4.5/5 because of reasons (mostly not enough time, even though i beat it on my first try (yes, im bragging))

-A little short, but good
+Challenging but not impossible (unless you suck)
+Graphics were awesome
+Dialogue was silly, but i like that
-the color scheme didnt lead you read the time properly

TL;DR: play this game ONLY if you are skilled with the mouse otherwise GTFO

great game. fun but too short. btw i have to ask before i try it but does eggs and hot sauce actually work with getting rid of hangovers and drowsiness?