Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

Half the time the welder wouldn't work, despite me staying both on the line and starting at the designated area. Combine that with the timer running during the tutorial and having to deal with the obnoxious tutorial text that appears over the puzzle. . . Suffice to say, while the story and characters seemed interesting the game has left me disappointed.

i opened the bomb and welded everything but it wouldnt go any further... what do?

MonoFlauta responds:

cut the colour of the cable it says

Okay. I weld for a living and in no way is micro welding... which is actually soldering in this game, is no way to test your welding skills. A MIG torch too? Stick welding extra heavy 10 inch pipe in position with no clearance and it has to be x-rayed and pass QC visual inspection, now that's hard. or TIG welding aluminum and making look good, that's hard too. Sorry the game really wasn't bad I just need to vent.

The lines are the easiet party for me, the imer is where I am stumped.

The game has some wonderful graphics and the gameplay was easy enough for me to grasp. I felt the time limits could probably have been a bit shorter as I never really felt under pressure to get a task completed. It would have been a good idea to have the timer only start after an instruction bubble had been read and closed though.
I would have loved to see some more levels.
If I have any critisism it's that there was a bit too much pointless speech between levels. Whilst humourus to read, a lot of it didn't actually add anything to the storyline and was more of a distraction.