Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

i take it this game was not ment for laptops makes me so sad and frustrated i got to play this on a diffrent computer seems good though.

Slight bugs on the clock and the robot lvls - on the first one it's that the lowes of the zig-zags that you have to weld has the line you're supposed to cut throught slightly higher than the one that's drawn, so you have to weld on the upmost part of the drawn one to succeed. With the robot level it's the other way around - the space where you actually can weld is wider than the one that's drawn.
Quite a cute game though :)
P.S. The dialogues were rather long, got bored of reading at a certain point and stopped reading...

I see consistent reports of a few bugs in the game (as well as a consistent denial of any mistakes on your part.) However, I see where the confusion lies.

ItâEUTMs the CURSOR!!!

On some computers (I have several) the cursor will be slightly off from the original (unseen) one.

This has nothing to do with internet connections. To fix, remove the custom cursor you placed in the game.

It's a good game for being under the time gun but there are a couple of bugs with the robot..cutting him open on the initial..then welding him shut..the welder stops on plate 2 halfway around despite being on the line. The text does block the work area and it costs precious time to close that out..you may want to have the text disappear after a few seconds or move it entirely from the work area so it won't hinder gameplay. I do like the Japanese interjections and some of the funnies in here. This is something that can be built upon..maybe fix the 6 million dollar man or optimus prime stops in to have you fix him after whippin megatrons ass.

I have an issue on the tutorial level, once i open the clock i cant get past the 2nd line on the botom part, no mather how carefull i am, even if the arrow goes perfectly through the middle it still make me jump back to start :/