Reviews for "Zelda the Welder"

great game. fun but too short. btw i have to ask before i try it but does eggs and hot sauce actually work with getting rid of hangovers and drowsiness?

This was one of the best games I've played on Newgrounds, and it was such a shame that it was short.

This game is really neat, I absolutely love the art in it. I only wish the game was longer. The game has a really creative concept, it can be a little challenging, but it's still pretty fun to play.

This could have been so much better, sadly the one who wrote the paths your mouse has to follow didn't made them wide enough. If you speed though it, you keep making mistakes. If you go painfully slow, you run out of time. I couldn't make it past the plate welding part before I ran out of time.

It was a nice treat, but I won't be coming back to finish this.

Simply great. But i don't get what i had to do in last lvl, I just weld some "things",no cuting cables or something. Anyway i love animation of characters and whole game too. ^^