Reviews for "Condensity"

gotta be the best short game i have ever played (lukatxd, i just went under him and got the key :I)

was a cool fun game :)

and the ending made me go wtf x3( in a funny way not bad way)

Lovely game.
I really liked the fact that you were controlling little water drops. graphics were eye-soothing too.Levels weren't so hard (well, I had to restart two of them several times). Boss was... Unexpected, but I like it. And the ending song. Damn, it's cool!
Lovely game, not giving that 0.5 star because it was quite short.
But, I wasn't expecting more from game which too 72 hours to make.

good game

This is a great take on the "Controlling multiple characters at the same time" concept. It's also cheery and cute, and the presentation is very good. The camera works just in the way it should, the music is quite pleasant, the graphics are fitting and cheery (like the bobbing mountains), and overall this is quite an achievement. I like it. :)