Reviews for "Condensity"

no mute button, nothing to change the quality (i like to do that) and the ac is so strong that i can not get the key.

OmarShehata responds:

That's the puzzle! Figure out how to get at least one water droplet across the light without it turning into cloud.

Nice little puzzle game, but:

The jump sound is much louder than all other sound effects, and the actual sound of the jump is stupid.

Also, if I fall down a hole with one of the little fuckers, why dosen't the game restart automaticly, or write restard?? Instead, it pans the camera downwards, and Im forced to watch the background, until I restard myself...

You should have seen those things as issues early on ... and yes, english is not my main language.

. It is quite irritating controlling more than one "droplet"
. The graphics are satisfying
. Sound becomes annoying after awhile
It does need improvement but it still is a good try.

3rd level, upon touching the hot block:

at SmokeGame_fla::droptocloud_88/frame15 ()
at flash.display::MovieClip/nextFrame()
at Background/F()


OmarShehata responds:

You must excuse my null errors. Flash CS5's flash player has a bug with hitTestPoint, so I could only test the game correctly inside a browser, so I haven't caught any of those errors.

why would you make a game with a clear boss at the end and only one course of possible action then judge me for killing him?

that's shitty and unfair.