Reviews for "Condensity"

Not only is this a great game among all the others in the Game Jam, but it's an awesome stand alone game! I loved the game mechanic as well as the clever level designs and obstacles. Maybe not the most original idea, but the execution and use of the ideas is outstanding. The ending is also very amusing. The look is great, the gameplay is great, and I believe this one should definitely win the game jam.

I´m worried, it says "hope you are proud!" and I don´t feel like...should I replay it untill I feel it?
Now! no jokes...I really like the art and some puzzles (the last one specially), the gameplay was pretty easy and also was a little bit addictive, waiting for a longer version!

this game is great that you make in short time
good that you even find time to guitar song the ending :D

the game was absolutely amazing and the ending was superb

The ending alone was worth 4 stars heh. That was a great game. Only flaw was it was too short. Make a number 2 please.