Reviews for "Condensity"

Lovely game.
I really liked the fact that you were controlling little water drops. graphics were eye-soothing too.Levels weren't so hard (well, I had to restart two of them several times). Boss was... Unexpected, but I like it. And the ending song. Damn, it's cool!
Lovely game, not giving that 0.5 star because it was quite short.
But, I wasn't expecting more from game which too 72 hours to make.

was a cool fun game :)

and the ending made me go wtf x3( in a funny way not bad way)

Jump around kill a boss i dont really know why hahahahahahahahaah

Nice, but too short. You get three stars for the song :D

great game!
you guys are awesome because in just that short time you guys are able to make this really cool and cute game!

and i love that awesome song in the end.