Reviews for "Condensity"

cant get thelevel with the light i cant get the second key any suggestions

OmarShehata responds:

You have to use the clouds to shield the water droplets!

pros: The engine is amazingly well done, I really like the raytracing! (teach me! :D)
The art is really good as well. The style is very cute :)
The concept is a classic with a twist - and I like the twist

This is probably a favorite to win.

cons: The game needs a "tutorial" level or two - I got stuck at the first level with a light
The controls are a bit off - the little guys move too fast for me to get a real handle on them :/

i really enjoyed the concept of this game. albeit frustrating at some points, the controls handled nice and i really dont have anything to dislike about this.

Alright game. I liked the concept of switching between rain and cloud forms. I just wished you had made the game longer. Maybe you could have added other worlds or something to make it more interesting

Also nice song at the end. ;)

Nice little fun game,like the song at the end,did you play the guitar?