Reviews for "Condensity"

gotta be the best short game i have ever played (lukatxd, i just went under him and got the key :I)

nice one hahaha and the really evil boss is too hard! fix it damn!

Totally worth it.

Amazing soundtrack in the end :D

The graphics were a bit poor, but it's made in 72 hours, so I couldn't expect better :)

The lyrics in the end are amazing.

Decent puzzler, and the end-game song alone is worth seeing the game through to the end!

Not only is this a great game among all the others in the Game Jam, but it's an awesome stand alone game! I loved the game mechanic as well as the clever level designs and obstacles. Maybe not the most original idea, but the execution and use of the ideas is outstanding. The ending is also very amusing. The look is great, the gameplay is great, and I believe this one should definitely win the game jam.