Reviews for "Condensity"

3rd level, upon touching the hot block:

at SmokeGame_fla::droptocloud_88/frame15 ()
at flash.display::MovieClip/nextFrame()
at Background/F()


OmarShehata responds:

You must excuse my null errors. Flash CS5's flash player has a bug with hitTestPoint, so I could only test the game correctly inside a browser, so I haven't caught any of those errors.

. It is quite irritating controlling more than one "droplet"
. The graphics are satisfying
. Sound becomes annoying after awhile
It does need improvement but it still is a good try.

kinda boring... the music was a little annoying too... didnt really like it, but well, maybe im just a duche haha, keep making games :)

Meh... could have been so much better

Really super awesome. Prolly my favorite game of the jam.