Reviews for "Spectro"

I think it turned out great! Great job all around you guys.

Cool game!

I LOVE the game! So many EXPLOSIONS! But I still think I could've done the voice better.

how come i could not explode sometimes and keeps me from loosing

mr-johnson22 responds:

Things like that should have been fixed...if I can find any more resolvable glitches, I'll do what I can.

Good game, love how you get to chain explosions, and then posses one of the exploded ships.
However, came across a bug. Not entirely sure what triggers it, seems to happen randomly. Sometimes when you go to explode yourself starting a chain reaction of explosions, it wont let you move the crosshairs to one of the explosions, thus not letting you posses a ship. Then, instead of just reviving you, the screen just starts shaking, and im forced to reload the page if i want to keep playing. Happened often enough that I thought it was worth mentioning
Also, not sure if this is a bug or not, but the lives system let me go into negative lives, got -16 lives in one level before i completed it. I presume this wasnt on purpose though, so maybe try to fix that.
Other than the bugs though, it was a good game! Kept me entertained, and had a nice back story too.

mr-johnson22 responds:

Oh yeah, those are definitely glitches. I didn't give myself nearly enough time for testing! Thanks for pointing them out. The game should be less buggy now (but more fixes will be on the way).

Glad you enjoyed the game!