Reviews for "Slime's Cake Quest"

Man, this is a great game! Done in 72 hours, wow! I hope this wins the game jam! =D

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, so do I.

Amazing game, that is what it is
And people who are whining about the spikes, its not hard
Artwork good, controls good, music good
Overall, a 5/5 adding the fact that this was done only in 72 hours
That is one good quality game.
I loved it and hope to see more.

so it that at lvl 20 u just die or u can still beat the game

DarkLink2045 you eat then go to the spring then thow up then get the food then get the food you thowed up. If you for got to get to that floting plaform repeat step 1. hope this helps.

Make a sequel to slime's cake quest but this time. a boss came and took slime's cake and he needs to stop dying ! plus all medals are normal medals I got Quality Over Performance Bot what about the last one? FFFFUUUUUU was to die so many times?

MintPaw responds:

"Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu" is received on level 11 by playing around with the button in the wrong way.