Reviews for "Slime's Cake Quest"

Amazing game! Beautiful art, innovative mechanic that is well executed, and highly polished.

I really think this is a model game jam game. It prototypes a new mechanic and execution, and is polished well.

Great work! Don't think I have any gripes about this one.

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, good work with Condensity too, there's going to be some tough competition.

Nice work, mate.

I have it quite easy to jump over the spikes. I also find it fascinating that you were able to get this done within 72 hours, yet still make it a bit enjoyable.

And for those who're wondering about the end, no spoilers, but... Think of Portal.

MintPaw responds:

Thanks man, it was a tough grind to get this game out.

And hey, the cake is right there on the last level.

Ha, I love the art style, the music, and the game-play. It's great.

its funny

i just think its awesome