Reviews for "Slime's Cake Quest"

I really liked this game... The physics were different and I really enjoyed that. Many platformers have too simple physics. That people can't get their head around that you have to jump closer to the spikes than you would with other physics is too bad.

It's nice that you made 19 levels in that time frame, but the 'puzzle' part of them was too simple in my opinion. I think it would have benefited you to add an extra person for some brainstorming regarding levels.

The quality button didn't work for me (top left on screen one).

I couldn't find the Ffuu secret achievement (Had to cheat :/). It seemed natural to me not to press the 2nd button when I was already home free ^^

All in all a very enjoyable game! You got my 5.

slime game is my favorite

the cake is a lie!!!!!

MintPaw responds:

Shut up!

Smooth gameplay, and an awesome ending.

I love this its AWESOME!