Reviews for "Slime's Cake Quest"

This was a nice game, although I've played a lot of games like this (eating and puking)
The controls were smooth, and I had no episodes of getting stuck anywhere.
I liked the mario like system, where if an enemy touches you , you lose your stuff and become smaller instead of dying instantly.
In spite of the spikes, monsters and varying levels , this game was hardly challenging.
Next time, please make a game that would push the gamers to play it with all their concentration.
Good luck!

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, I haven't seen too many eating/puking games, although I'm not a big flash game player.

pros: I like the story concept, it was new and interesting. It also threw a few "memes" in to be funny
overall, a great game! I expect this to be one of the top game choices for the jam. Professionally done, yet still fun to play.

cons: The engine was a little buggy in places, and it screwed with the controls a bit.
Also, try not to use current "memes" as they wear off after a while and become old and boring. Don't be afraid to come up with something new!
Also: Though it looks professional, be careful! A game that looks TOO professionally done will both have people criticizing the game much harsher, and will lose its "flavor" - its "indie-dev"-ness (i'm struggling for words at this point)

MintPaw responds:

Why you no leave 5 star review!

really sick game, really love all the great ideas in this one; Really digging the overall originality and cleanliness, really sick work :D

MintPaw responds:

Thanks, polish is the key!

really good - something i would expect on a normal front page day of newgrounds - not a game jam - - nice!

MintPaw responds:

Thanks man, I'm actually kinda a fan of your stuff, it's an honour.

Slime! :D

This game is awesome. It's amazing and presents only a few flaws (those flaws merely being some bugs with collision with spikes, where normally the spike farthest to the left in a horizontal line normally does not affect Slime, or Slime does not react at all to spikes when he's eaten like 2 or 3 Foods).

Tips for other players:
-Slime slides around, and glides through the air.
-Slime glides over buttons.
-The cake is a lie (just kidding xD).

MintPaw responds:

Thanks man, I tightened up the collision. Wouldn't of caught it.