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Reviews for "Uddercover"

This game was highly milky and had lots of grass :/
Nah, it was an awesome and challenging game
And the voice acting and music blended in perfectly with the missions
It was a highly amusing game and gave me lots of MOOS.
...and the puns were funny

Hahahahahaa I admit this is pretty damn creative

Sure it may not be fancy but the idea of playing as a secret agent cow who disguises himself as a normal cow (Perry the Platypus much?) is a fun idea for a fun game.

Only complaint I have ( No its not the voice acting) But it's the final level before the boss I believe as that was pretty tedious to get to the end so I quit at there npbut despite that it's a fun game

all in all good luck in the Game Jam and let's all have fun with it

Controls jamming - i extremely dislike it!!!

Really nice! Funny concept, challenging puzzles, nice voice acting and good graphics!

I absolutely love the simplicity mixed with the overall atmosphere that you have created. No real issues other than wanting more :)