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Reviews for "Supermaus"

You just did a great job! That was perfectly suited under "dance". I'm not sure about this, but i think your track will be used in a game...A happy one!

Voltus responds:

thanks for the kind words but i would have loved a little more indepth review!

Excellent Voltus. Just excellent :D. This is definetly the kind of music I groove to :D. Loved the drums, loved the arrangement, and loved the sounds you used. Some might mean that this is a bit repeative, but this is how dance music is supposed to be IMO. I felt that there was a slight lack of a sine bass layer just to give the song that extra bass feel, and to reward the people with bass speakers and headphones ;). That's my taste though.
Wonderful tune :).
5 stars

Voltus responds:

thanks a lot, I never went all in on that sound so I'm glad you like it!

Well you totally hit the deadmau5 hit chords on the head!
Great song! Great head bopper!

Voltus responds:

thank you :)

I dont usually listen to EDM but I can tell you worked your ass off on this one.

Yes, squeaky clean highs, penetrating mids and perfect amount of lows in my opinion, they say too much of anything is bad, definitely the case for bass.

I liked the multiple differences you carefully crafted in every passing second.

Mastered quite well, rounded sounds are waaay better than sharp earpiercing sounds. You know what I mean, most people who try to take up EDM are too interested in fast pace and mostly lows or mostly mids.

This is a phenomenal example of "acceptable" EDM. That should mean a lot coming from the fact that I am a music lover not very fond of the genre, as most of what ive heard (from different artists not you) was trash.

Well done dude. (applause in text form)

- Qwaint

Voltus responds:

Thanks again! Glad you like it that much!

sounds well grate eqing and masterings alot better then most stuff on this sight
intros perfect
140 wish there was a little more impact here
225 wish the brake down had a little more grove to it change the drums but then it wouldent be dance zzzz
255 good little brake here wish some sounds would change geetting borded or the lead
3 15 there is ducking here and should be worked out so the highs dont fade so much

3 45 yayy drum change but a little late song should ended at

Voltus responds:

thanks for your review! :)