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Reviews for "Yeah Jam Fury"

Fun, could be smoother though.

I really love the puzzles in here,It takes effort to know how to solve them!

wow this looks good! and cleod-9 helped this is a surprise! the game plays very interesting although i don't have the best computer it plays nice, not to slow. each character is nice and plays great and the quotes they say make the game feel even more professional. during the first 2 levels show me how each characters play, and the third level showed me how the teamwork and combinations work in the game. over all this is a nice working game and feels great. i don't have much to complain about it is a nice game and i have not found anything to complain about. gg

Fun as hell, simple but good puzzle game; once you get the hang of the characters you an do anything!

Its a really cool puzzler with a cool concept with switching between three people. I have noticed no problems in the game so its quite smooth on the mechanics. Basically its a great game good job!