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Reviews for "Douchebags Chick"

I don't understand how I spent 2 hours completing this entire game. So dumb, and the chick looks totally creepy. Somehow, it was just strangely addicting. ><

Why was this game so addicting. I love it. So funny. Please add more. Expand the game. Please for the love of whatever it is you worship.

I found three bugs:
1) If you use the speed up buttons (not O or L) on the time, and it hits the point where you would go to work, if you select 'yes' to go to work you will not be paid for that day even if you play the whole work day.
2) The 3 sets of accessories only show up as 2. The 1st one is actually the 2nd, and then 2nd and 3rd are the 3rd.
3) Once you hit Guidette level 7 the statuses no longer say anything. They are all 'undefined'.