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Reviews for "Douchebags Chick"

Disturbingly fun and addictive game. I played this game for way longer than I should have. I'm giving it the rating that I'm giving it though because there were some glitches in the game, and while it was fun to play once, there really isn't a reason to replay the game once you beat it. Some people were saying that everything starts to screw up, but I really only noticed two things that were glitched, and that's that there only seemed to be two distinctive sets of accessories, despite there being three options, and this was from when I first bought the middle set of accessories, and it was the same as the right right available. The glitch in the game that 'developed' for me was after maybe three or four tweets, my tweets just became 'undefined'. Also, at one point, one of my accessories just somehow ended back in the store and I had to buy it again.

if you are in the computer an its work time you wont get any money

Can anyone tell me all the songs in this game?

Too much stuff stops working after a while, but I enyoed it anyway

why does she end up looking like Snooki from Jersey Shore?