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Reviews for "Douchebags Chick"

According to fluff-da-bunny: If you wait for the timer counting up & your job pops up and you say no, the whole damn counter starts again ;). Nice game, indeed. Also should be able to purchase more in the shops. Why? Because if i have enough money, i want to buy more than one thing at same time. Summary: Sad, true & funny game.

I love how she goes from ugly, to conventionally pretty, to BAM! guidette.

I'll be honest with you, I started playing this game and expected it to be crap but god was that hilarious! I couldn't stop playing until I beat the whole damn thing!

This game was quite good, I agree with Happygrounder that it would benefit from flash animations, but mostly I think it would benefit from being able to invite all friends to parties without having to wait for a counter to go up, when I reached 1000 friends this took ages and I always just gave up halfway through. So I think it should automatically invite all friends. Apart from that it was pretty good.

This game kept me playing until I beat it! Nice game. :)