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Reviews for "Douchebags Chick"

After you do the job and your money is adding up, DON'T press "x". If you wait a few seconds it goes away and adds your money.

Interesting game, but I guess there are some things that can be fixed or changed... Like:
- add a pause button - some people need to pee
- add a button to add all the social network friends at the same time (it gets bothering to add 30+ clicking one by one, when you already clicked so many times and have almost 2000 friends...)
- set some sentences to twitter status ("indefinied" isn't so nice as the first 2, haha)
- when you're inviting people to a party, is quite boring to wait ad infinitum to be able to invite 2000+ or all of them. I opened a new window and start to read articles because took more than a few minutes.
- when you're done of your job, if you click "X" you lose the money. Not funny at all!
Good potential, if some things change.

its alright. i find it impossible to have 10 parties when you can only post 2 statuses.

damn i was hoping the ending to this game was that i got knock up and didn't know who the dad was so i had to go to the maury show to find out

That beat is bad ass.