Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

I thought the game was great! Funny, challenging, good to look at, great music. I am a big fan of challenging games so this was right up my alley... I just wonder how people get better scores, i am stuck at right around 12000 :/

whileworking responds:

15k-16k is possible (using some shortcuts)... user "Teach" is a cheater btw :D

Good time killer I thoroughly enjoyed it now if I could figure out the last 2 secret medals!!

haha nice xD i really enjoyed this, though really frustrating, it just took a while to get the hang of it. Like how many others said, it was just trial and error and took time to perfect it.

OMFG thats gotta be the fastest most reliable bus service in the entire fu**ing world!!!

Hey there You all, I've successfuly earned "Super Fast!!1" Secret medal, and I'm insanely willing to share all fun information on how many points you should succeed to score in order to gather it.

Warning, here it comes! Score around 15.000 to win "SuperFast!!1". Hehe, you know, I was once curious how many points is demanded to score to gain this thing and I'm eager to just brag with such fact that it is about 15.000, just to absolutely everybody who reads me right now in hope to find out more about the "Super Fast!!1" - extremely tough to obtain medal.

Of course you can trust me, I have this medal unlocked in fact. You don't even got to blindly believe me, ehem. Exactly. Simply prepare yourself and then check facts out by taking a look on Your very own way at me in there where you see who's the winner of this medal, and maybe I will appear and actualy be visible right with the entire really minority having exact thing unlocked, but since I'm the recent unlocker instead of first to unlock user, after quite a while, second, remaining better solution is going to be take a trip into profile of mine. Unfortunately I'm the medal hunter, so that it's easy peasy to get lost here in my amusement park haha! .. seriously, It's over 1000 right now...

And here's long review short of 60s Burger Run. Game is fine and everything. Totally no matter for me this is kind of a rough challenge, yet I - personally - find the difficuly level of 60s Burger Run not really THAT hard, no no - GAME's just very clever..
..in BEING TRICKY. Also, I like it and all. Eh, I just - unfortnately feel it as if it was made only to and nothing more. Only to offer a challenge to the player and that's it, no more beyond it and by being things this way...
...My vote is a whooping 5, my rating is 4.5 Stars though.

Whew, Review over, yay!

Aha PS:
I do know it was sure unneccessary, writing of who I am (medal hunter) and also that it's possible to view my medals on my own profile, but sorry, I tried to sound authentic, manage to prove that I - in all solid honesty - know for sure how to get the hardest of medals from 60s Burger Run, ha!