Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

cool game

nice game

This is really good. I love the music and controls, too.

A great game that took about forever to finally achieve all medals in!

Too bad it looks like 3 people cheated it. Scores above the 15k's are not possible in this game, and to get a score in the 15k's you'll need pixel precision and flawless execution of a flawless strategy as well as absence of lag.

In particular there's one level where you'll need to make a huge "leap of faith" left to skip a bunch of blocks on the way down, and in the next-to-last level you'll need to fall left of the starting block, then make your way back around right and finally squeeze in barely to the right of spikes and barely to the left of a block near the end so that you don't hit it (hitting it slows you down).

very nice game but its so hard on the parkour stage.Also there is a glich on the 2nd stage when you go down if you keep slaming onto the left wall you get teleported on the bus stop