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Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

just played the game to get the medals

Great game, and greater music. It's insanely hard, but I imagine that that was intentional. It really makes you want to try again and beat it.

Whileworking, you really need to submit your games' music as audio submissions. Not just this either, Johnny Upgrade, too. The music of both this game and Johnny Upgrade make them 50 times more addicting, and I'd love to just listen to the music in this game for more than one minute at a time.

But that's not what reviews are for. So let me just say that this game is one of the most addicting games I've ever played. It frustrates the poop outta me, but I just wanna keep trying until I get it. I love frantic games like these. Very good.

Fun and challenging

Then again maybe just a wee bit too chalenging. Surely I'd say it's not IMPOSSIBLE to beat but at the same time there are moments where you almost get it. Needless to say I like the silly concept of this game and keep it up

muito bom

Hard, and i don't understand the 2nd shortcut, it just slows you down,. Last secrets are beating the game in 50 seconds and 45 seconds, i think that's impossible :O