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Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

It's really a challenge,not?

This game was actually more enjoyable than I excepted. It's one of those games where you become addicted to get to the finish and memorize each levels paths and secrets, alongside with great "time" music breathing down your neck. Although after completing the game once I don't have the urge to beat it as I did when I first played it. Short but fun!

level 6 is the best free points :[} quack but when i get level 6 it is like already to late but still fun
nyan =^+^= (V)(;,,;)(V)

epic game

This game requires no skill beyond guessing which way the game designer wants you to do. So it is nothing but a guessing game. Kind of a "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 10..." type of thing. But I have to say...I never just play "I'm thinking of a number from 1 to 10" unless there is some stakes in the outcome. Like who gets to pick first in a pick up basketball game or something like that. It isn't exactly fun to try guess what someone else is thinking. And certainly even less fun to have to do it over and over again and always be right