Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

This is so silly, yet so, so funny. I love it. I can't seem to figure out how to get past a certain point, though! I guess I need to be faster, haha.

3 points off from super fast... how frustrating lol.

A little Annoying, but fun.

Very fun game you have here

So these types of game entries are not the easiest to review or even suggest improvments so i will try my best, but from what you have sofar, you have done alright but hope to get some more helpful tips to you throughout this review. Ok so this was a very fun game, very entertaining, it has some interesting things to see and do, it does have an old-school feel to it with jumping and snashing blocks and beating times so that was a plus, the "GRAPHICS" are great the sounds are even better in really had some fun with this, It also kind of reminds me of a mario bros game so maybe thats why i like it, I really like this because you really give the game a fast paced "MOMENTOM" and thats what really keeps it good, maybe as a suggestion of improvment you can have a "TIME-TRIAL" option where one can practice on some of the other levels, andyways good game ill be adding this one to my faves list. ending a review is always the hardest for me because theres always something else to mention and whatnot, but maybe you can go with what works and for the most part you have done well, there might be a few things that could be better.

I may have a few ideas left here to offer, so i do hope you get something out of it and hope it does help for improving things here so i have gone ahead and posted a few basics here and there in hopes you can take that and make a much better product. So i suggested a time trial option so you can test other stuff out and such, but for the mostpart this was pretty interesting and very entertaining so nice job indeed. maybe even adding some more nifty medals would be another plus.