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Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

Just that Super Fast medal left now! :) Took a few tries, but even when you fail time upon time it's a strangely addicting game. Simple, fast-paced, varied and easy to try and try again. Practice makes perfect too; the only shortcut that seems a bit difficult to master is the third. Each side-step you take makes for valuable time though, small differences like running off rather than jumping off an edge/block/etc. Feels like the levels are really carefully designed with time in mind. Fun; catchy game! Nice work.


Nice programmed, nice style but I still have something to say, that destroys the game for me.
First of all, you cheated at your own game. Look at the scores and if you rly think because you're the dev, you can cheat at your own game, you're just one poor guy I rly won't collaborate anything with.

Then - it's just offending fat ppl. Not saying, that laughing about something isn't good but there's no irony, no joke behind the fact, that a fat dude is running to a fast food restaurant just for eating.
It is lovely, sure it is. Like a oldschool game and I rly like oldschool games but the fact, that you cheated on your own game for being #1 ranked just destroys it for me, knowing that the dev is an arrogant asshole or a troll, I don't know and for others who are rank hunters.

Srsly man, it's not like the game isn't good but this time, I'm rating not the game directly yet the dev, who's cheating and puts medals in a game where these medals are just not able to get because....srlsy dude I made some perfect runs, still didn't got 'em but I don't care anymore. I don't like this game because it's bad, I don't like this game because of its message that it contains, even if wanted or not and for the fact, that you want to be #1 in ranked list on your own frickin' game. Jeez I know it's stupid to go back to the same argument but that is something that makes me rage and disappointed at the same time. Disappointed, that a dev with that talent made a game good but with a offending message which made the game bad.

Technically good but fun? I had fun at the beginning, now I'm typing this sh*t here for you to understand that a dev doesn't cheat at his own damn game. God dammit!

1.5/5 Stars
Son, I'm disappointed.

Great music, great platforming, great level design, great retro graphics.

You know what isn't great? The fat shaming. "Oh it's someone wants food from their favorite restaurant. That must mean they're obese! durr" Hate to break it to you, but just because someone is hungry doesn't make them fat. Everyone gets hungry. This is so biased it makes me sick. And I don't even care if you somehow happen to comment back saying, "Hey I'm actually over weight. This isn't an insult to me so you're silly for thinking it's offensive." It literately would not validate the awful message your game portrays, especially onto people who are thin.

I do want more robust video game characters. All you see in video games are thin athletic ones. There's no diversity. Thin people rule the media and tv's, and that's exactly why people close to me have been hurt and unhappy with their body. So yes, I DO wish we had video over weight video game characters, but not like this. Not where such a big part of their personality, or in your game their entire motivation, is to eat. Because that doesn't help progress the community for over weight people, just makes thin people feel validated that they can continue to make fun of them. It perpetuates the idea that over weight people are slobs that are hungry all the time and go crazy over food.

If you care at all about people and the bad message your game is projecting (and your own character), you'll change the character model into a thin person, but I doubt you'll do it.

Hey there You all, I've successfuly earned "Super Fast!!1" Secret medal, and I'm insanely willing to share all fun information on how many points you should succeed to score in order to gather it.

Warning, here it comes! Score around 15.000 to win "SuperFast!!1". Hehe, you know, I was once curious how many points is demanded to score to gain this thing and I'm eager to just brag with such fact that it is about 15.000, just to absolutely everybody who reads me right now in hope to find out more about the "Super Fast!!1" - extremely tough to obtain medal.

Of course you can trust me, I have this medal unlocked in fact. You don't even got to blindly believe me, ehem. Exactly. Simply prepare yourself and then check facts out by taking a look on Your very own way at me in there where you see who's the winner of this medal, and maybe I will appear and actualy be visible right with the entire really minority having exact thing unlocked, but since I'm the recent unlocker instead of first to unlock user, after quite a while, second, remaining better solution is going to be take a trip into profile of mine. Unfortunately I'm the medal hunter, so that it's easy peasy to get lost here in my amusement park haha! .. seriously, It's over 1000 right now...

And here's long review short of 60s Burger Run. Game is fine and everything. Totally no matter for me this is kind of a rough challenge, yet I - personally - find the difficuly level of 60s Burger Run not really THAT hard, no no - GAME's just very clever..
..in BEING TRICKY. Also, I like it and all. Eh, I just - unfortnately feel it as if it was made only to and nothing more. Only to offer a challenge to the player and that's it, no more beyond it and by being things this way...
...My vote is a whooping 5, my rating is 4.5 Stars though.

Whew, Review over, yay!

Aha PS:
I do know it was sure unneccessary, writing of who I am (medal hunter) and also that it's possible to view my medals on my own profile, but sorry, I tried to sound authentic, manage to prove that I - in all solid honesty - know for sure how to get the hardest of medals from 60s Burger Run, ha!

I've spent half an hour trying to get the "Super fast" medal, and I finally got it!!! Goddamn that was hard...
Nice game btw.