Reviews for "60s Burger Run"

haha nice xD i really enjoyed this, though really frustrating, it just took a while to get the hang of it. Like how many others said, it was just trial and error and took time to perfect it.

This game is absolutely brilliant. The graphics are awesome and the music and sounds are great too. The gameplay is very fun and very original. I could not complete it but I am gonna come back and try again to beat it

FINALLY! I've done like 20 tries! So fun!

I think i found all shortcuts...

whether it is possible depends on your computer.

I beat this game several times
then I played it on a friends computer who was having a hard time and it was impossible
the motion of everything was slowed besides the timer.
I think he had a low frame rate and the movement was based on that but the timer was actually still 60 seconds.
without dying or making any mistakes, I ran out of time at the bus stop after the 3rd shortcut

the game was fun and I loved it. Creative game play, professional looking graphics and controls

That issue is likely the main complaint others have.

Interesting game but not actually possible. I found every shortcut, never died and still did not win.