Reviews for "Death Call"

Nothing new or special, almost decent voice acting, good variety of enemies though, plus you actually have to work towards your weapons instead of just grinding for cash, it feels much more satisfying when you have to work toward something like that. Somewhat repetitive, I suggest the author[s] add some MORE variety, such as minigames to grab just a bit more extra cash. Also, and I am not sure if it is just my specs, but I could play only one level, and then while loading the next, the game crashes and I have to reload the page in order to load the next part

meh. its a decent shooting gallery i supose. the storyline was really bad. voicework was below par. but some decent gameplay other than it taking an obsurdly long time to be able to buy anything.
could have been better.

as otheras said, too repetitive, guns are too costly.

I agree with the consensus. Especially teh fact that the voicie of Jed Wolfe is lame. Real wack

The game has potential but the voice acting is really bad. The reloading also sucks because you are bound to get damaged while reloading. Shooting speed is very slow also and you don't make enough money to buy weapons anytime soon.