Reviews for "Death Call"

would be better if i could upgrade the weapons too.

The game has potential but the voice acting is really bad. The reloading also sucks because you are bound to get damaged while reloading. Shooting speed is very slow also and you don't make enough money to buy weapons anytime soon.

this game is terrible the voice acting is terrible the economy makes no sense the animation is bad so 0/10 who would buy this i have no idea

got boring after a while,
add something different

Four words: GREATEST WESTERN GAME EVER. This game is extremely addictive and once I started playing, I couldn't stop! I think the best part of this game is the weapons, because I love how you put the future of weapons, with the past. The only problem is the red pipe puzzle. I got the red, green, and purple, but I couldn't get the yellow. Are you SURE it's possible? The shooting part is fun and all, but when you have the right weapons you get money in one-shot kills! You guys sure know how to master your games! The graphics are awesome, but the voice of "Wolfe" was pretty weird. Overall, this is an amazing game! This game obviously deserves 5 STARS!