Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

Beautiful concept, I love this, seriously I do. Keep up with this.

this is a beaoutfull story...

If you're going to make a game good through a theme instead of game play (fighting, puzzle, rpg, etc.) fine, but you have to make the story line better. I was so bored when I was playing this game and I just kept telling myself "There's going to be a good twist or something at the end, I should keep playing", but no such luck. The music is bland and repetitive, the graphics make my eyes want to throw up, and I found myself not giving a sh*t about any of the main characters. It's a nice little game for a starting developer, but not much more.

This game was a depressing but great game.... I did however find a glitch...... a funny one though. I was climbing to get the flower when all of the sudden i was glitched into the tree. I found it amusing because i kept jumping but every time i jumped it would do the animation of the jump for about i would say be a split second then back to the standing animation... i spent about 10 minutes with my friends laughing about how funny it looked. Despite the graphics and glitched vines. This review is a 4.5. Great game :D

Really good and addicting im picky on games but this one was a must play