Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

Honestly, this game disappointed me immensely. I went into it expecting a minimalist style game with a couple puzzle pieces added to it and a great meaning to interpret in my own life. You got the first one down, the second one, not so much, and you completely bombed on the third aspect.

First off, the controls were fine, i don't know what has everybody upset about. An exception being that the jump function wouldn't even register a couple of times. However simple controls do not mean you can't outline them in the description. I must have spent half an hour trying to figure out the vine sections and how to get through them.

Second, the music was only good in the ascension part of the game. The reason for that was that it was SHORT. The rest of the music was incredibly repetitive and unintuitive (The jungle music was pretty good though) for an art game.

Last but not least, the most disappointing part, the meaning. a.k.a there was none! I pondered about the supposed meaning and found that I could not find it. You just left too much open space at the very end for "interpretation" in my opinion. And if you're going to create multiple endings for a game, have some common courtesy to do something different for all of them instead of having a different character skin. Also the pieces of eternity seem like an incredibly slap-dashed approach to lengthening gameplay. If your going to put collectables in a game, make up a reason for doing it.

Retrospectively speaking, a good platforming game that was let down by bad music design, shoddy controls at times, and lack of an ending. Please do not take this review in the sense of another internet dweller spewing the unkind words of a complete idiot, (like we haven't seen enough of that) all that I have said is for the improvement of your future projects. Hope you will learn from your mistakes and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

P.S. I've already collected all nine pieces of eternity and still no medal. I don't know if this is a glitch or if you've just hidden the medal a bit too well. Some feedback helping me would be greatly appreciated.

why is it so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't liked. Glitch fixed? It's more glitched. i'm stuck on another glitch on the eternity and i can't continue.

I absolutely love this game, especially the music. I would love to know what program you guys use, but if you can't tell me, then I will understand.

This made my eyes cry, hard, beutiful concept, beutiful music, sad story... I was depressed, I feel like the man... He made me happy to know, even though Earth was gone, it's Spirit, Love, Daring, and Wisdom will remain in the galaxy, the universe... And humanity may never exist, but something out there in the world will pick it up and learn our ways, and become a new Earth, withpirit, Love, Daring and Wisdom, they will haev there own. Ours. X") BEAUTIFUL I <3 YOU!!!