Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

fack off just joking the game was loading i dont even know what the game is abaut best review ever?

wow. i think its a really nice game. beautiful and (very!) sad at the same time. i like games like this.
only thing that wasn't good was, that i found all of the orbs and i was hoping to get some kind of extra-special-ending, where i finally defeat those guys, or, even better, try to fight them and get killed. however it just did nothing.

its ok

I am a fan of art games but this isn't one pure and simple. A good art game should have something to say or an emotion to communicate. There is nothing "deep" or "enlightening" in regards to the message or purpose of the game and as far as emotion is concerned all that helps this game is a decent soundtrack. The gameplay is sloppy, unchallenging yet tiring to finish. You can only get away with doing a minimalist approach if its relevant and adds to the story and in this scenario it isn't relevant and more shows limitations in your programming as opposed to a creative mind having a vision. I don't hate this game but I do hate that you think you can pass it off as an art game.

Overall I loved the idea, but I still can't get all 9 eternities.
I guess the one missing is in Kenya in a cave just opposite (left to the) flower. I tried to get into that cave before the updated version and I tried it now...no luck...