Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

...I thought I could'nt get through because of the vines as well...
.. However after leaving the game and coming back to it for like a year
...I have found out why.... some platforms would require you to reach the appex of the "bell" of your jump
...for that you need not be at the very top touching the "roof" because you will keep bumping into the roof/top preventing your jump
..instead for these particular platforms you needs to reach... you will need to be somewhere between the vine so as to make the appex of your jump at the point of the platform you're trying to reach

Great game, but I couldn't complete it BECAUSE OF THOSE VINES!!!!! Great in every other way though
It gets a :| & a 1/2 out of :D

the jungle was very easy

the jungle level is insanely hard! and the music is getting annoying! OH NO! not the flute again! NOOOO!

I just had love, that not so bad uh ?