Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

Excellent story, insightful topic, awesome inspiration, smooth gameplay (except the last level/world), fitting soundtrack, and medals.
Five stars

I'm used to jumping with w, not space.So I found this game hard to play.

Sadly after finally coming back after a year... finally get all pieces of eternity and... no achievement. Double run everything, counting all the locations... Got them but oh well...

Though the lag still hurts.

its kinda laggy :/

I had no issues with lag, but you seem to have gone out of your way to make the second stage as much of a pain in the ass as possible. I liked the music. I liked the artstyle. I even liked the premise.
Can't beat it though, because I can't stomach falling over... And over... And over again. Designing a good game means giving players a challenge that is tough, but also, fair, and I believe that that is what's lacking most here. Overall though, it's a good game. Don't give up!