Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

This is a pretty well put together game. There are lots of details and secrets. Not too hard for the public. Keep it up!

Great Games Fun cool 8bit old

I couldn't even finish the game it is so bad. This is a harsh rating only because I felt that it had potential. First off, your music does not suit at all. It is extremely repetitive, bland, and annoying. Maybe you made the music yourself. Maybe your friend made it for you. It does not mean that you should use it. If you try to pull off a game like this (one with a message instead of actual game-play) then you need to have all of the important components. One of the most important is the music. The story was decent. The guy that keeps saying you can save humanity. He sounds like an idiot repeating words. No one talks like that. No one would ever talk like that. It sounds completely idiotic. I understand that you tried to put emphasis on him being of a different nature, but that is foolish. Also, it is a game about a message. If you intended it to be for fun or "play" then this rating should be zero stars. Focus on the message. Don't have some areas be more of a maze than they need to be. It seemed forced. Other games like this do use mazes, but they use them to their advantage. Saying "maze" is too strong. Nothing was difficult to get through. If you decide to make alternate paths or hide certain things, have them play an important role in the story. Also, collecting things in the level without knowing what they are is a waste of an idea. Explain more. We are saving humanity. Okay. How? Did you ever ask yourself that? You need to find love.. ect. Ok. When you go find those things is the journey directly related with what you think "love" is? If not, then try again. This game has potential. If you develop the story (I am not saying better because there is no real story worth mentioning) then it could be something. Please take all of this as constructive criticism. I do not write very many reviews. I only write them for the games that deserve them and I feel as though this game deserves a review that actually mentions the flaws in the game. You can read through the 65 pages of reviews and see most reviews consist of a few words. If you do manage to read this then you have some sort of understanding of the public. It is foolish to publish a game and not read the reviews, so hopefully you are reading this. I did like the classic look a lot. Not all of the music was bad. I thought the jungle music was very appropriate. I did like the backdrop in each scene. Your characters are neat to look at. They don't have a lot of detail so it does not take anything away from the story (that I wish you had developed). I understand that it is about David Bowie's work, but I don't feel as through you truly captured it. Do not forget, however, that whenever doing work that is directly inspired by something else that it does not have to relate to it at all. It just has to carry the same message as how you interpreted it. I look forward to future games from you and I hope that you found this review helpful. Good luck to you.

Were you making fun of nirvana cause thats actually one of his songs, why not call it savior of mankind. Game play is similar to that of donkey kong country but also has a different game tactic and storyline, and the spirit part of the game is challenging and difficult, overall this game is top notch.

On the vines,don't hold up when jumping on the vines.You will then jump off them.Hope this helps brendax9345.