Reviews for "Man Who Sold The World"

the game is good but when I jump in movement is a little hard

I liked it, although it was a bit too easy. The only hard part was climbing the vines. It should've had some form of pressure aspect, like a time limit or some other way to die.

The concept/storyline was great though, I wish you would've developed it a little deeper.

The dialog is a bit off sometimes. Like at the love course, the protagonist's first sentence is a bit random.

And to the dude who said Nirvana made "The man who sold the world": that's just a cover of the Bowie-song.

A good art game with some unfortunate flaws. The story and soundtrack were compelling enough to make me want to play the game to the end. The minimalist graphics and simple gameplay, however, make a disappointing combination. The 'meat' of the game (that is to say, the story) is separated by fairly large platforming sections that don't have much to offer; they're basically a handful of simple platforms leading to more simple platforms eventually leading to the next bit of meat. It just feels like I'm being put through busy work as I meander my way through the repetitive stages. I would certainly recommend adding some extra elements (such as decoration, puzzles or obstacles) to keep things fresh.

Cool game.Nice story and details also the music dont fit with the game,is repetitive and boring.Anyway i just have put in mute but the game still awesome.The game is not that hard,but for me its pretty challenging.

evillemon2's comment i think it's the longest one in Newgrounds.com sincerely.
(now my review>)Well...this game...HAS NO SENSE,i couldn't even finish it,when i got to the white guy nothing happened,we didn't talk,fight,etc.NOTHING!! WTF,YOU NEED TO (>MAKE<) A GAME NOT JUST PUT A GUY WHO MOVES AND SOME IMAGES AND THAT ALL,YA' KNOW??....ehm...sorry for screaming like that...but this game...if it's a game...sorry to say but......sucks......