Reviews for "Old Man Baby"

I like the recent trend of putting really spacey moody music over otherwise fairly normal old-school style games, so it's like, "Oh man, this is really heavy. I think this is one of those games where it ends up making some kind of deep statement. I'm going to go about the whole thing with a very slight and very vague thunderstormy sense of sorrow and panic", where in days of yore, it would have been obnoxious circus music, and it'd have been like, "Oh what do I do? I jump around the thing and then I get to the thing. Okay.". That's pretty neat.

One of the easier games...The ending was boring though

sorry I couldn't finish your game. The level that you have to jump on two springs seperated by air and dropping spikes, then jump away to come back in order to be an old man, I literally tried it 16 times in a row without being able to succeed because sometimes the directional button would keep going despite me not touching the button and other times the jump button wouldn't work, making me run off the edge.

It's a great games and you get 5 stars, but I have to take off 1.5 stars cause I am not the only person finding this problem so I can't blame my computer. However, I want to leave with a positive note, so allow me to mention how awesome it was that the baby couldn't jump (as babies can't) and the old man would die by jumping too high. It was a nice touch to add more meaning to the characters. Also a nice touch to start with a baby as that's how we all start (in the game and out of it).

Awesome game, challenging levels that require you to THINK (*cough* poster below me) only problem i have with this is the controls sometimes they keep moving after you let go, and fall down a pit or into a trap once that's fixed this is a great game keep it up!

good game...
challenging puzzle, love OST...