Reviews for "Old Man Baby"

I really did not like this game very much, there was a lack of description for the three characters and it actually had me very confused. A soundtrack wouldve been nice too. I'm not giving this a zero, because the game was not horrible, it provided a decent challenge and it was a pretty fun platformer, but next time could you add some more detail to the characters. Music is just a personal point considering i'm an audiophile.

this game is about how we ultimately have ot admit death while facing the challenges of life. why is everyone complaining. sheesh

One of the worst games iv ever laid eyes on

Not that it wasn't a fun game, mind you, but it got frustrating at points when my character would explode upon landing. That got especially annoying on the second to last level with the three springs. Then after all that exploding, i thought I had died again when he exploded when he landed at the finish point. Other then that it was a simple but entertaining game.

Fun game, challenging. But it was too short