Reviews for "Old Man Baby"

I like it. Its not perfect but i have fun with it. And i love the message, and that end... that end. It was like ... PUMMM and all its over, and then i remember the stage... baby, young, old and PUM! and i start to laugh jejejeje i love it, that scares really... .... ... really.

this is a great game! to those complaining about sensitive controls HAVE YOU EVER PLAYED N.E.S .GAMES?


Well, that was slightly annoying.
Interesting concept, for sure. I'm just echoing both the good and the bad reviews, pretty much.

This platformer with an interesting concept suffers due to its sensitive controls and short lasting appeal. I found myself in moments of pure rage because I didn't make a jump strong enough, or pushed a box too hard, even when I was carefully tapping the key. It's not a bad game though, I did have fun playing it even with those minor setbacks. However, before I knew it, the game was over! Ironic how a game about life ends so quickly.

Well I'm curious why the old man has yellow eyes...