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Reviews for "Stealth Pervert"

Nice idea. i was fun yet not so addicting. but all in all it was good 4 stars! top chart hardcore!


Silly fun idea. Did not like the disconnect between keyboard and mouse. Although I got used to it after a while, forcing a player to keep switching input devices is annoying.

Still has a bug that if you are still holding left or right when you clear a house, that your character is stuck moving that direction on the next house.

Another bug I noticed, is sometimes you can take the skirt off the girl multiple times. There's a lag sometimes (the girl is confused and doesn't run right away). Don't know if it effects the combo points or not.

I don't think the 'difficulty levels' are quite right...

Easy can be quite difficult BECAUSE of the girls short range vision; if you are seen, you have little chance of escaping.

Conversely, Hardcore mode can be easy if you take advantage of the girls long vision (easier to herd them to where you want; combo faster).

Otherwise, no real difference in difficulty. I usually lose because I get sloppy, not because it's hard.

If you wanted to make it harder here are some ideas:

- in higher difficulties, cannot steal a skirt in stealth mode
- have the other girls 'look' at what the screaming is about
- screaming girls are still dangerous (especially the staircase 0.o)/ they don't target, but you don't want to be in their way either.

I only score you half points because while it is an amusing game; the keyboard/mouse swapping is a big annoyance to me. Changing game controls like that constantly is a bad thing in general, breaks the emerson of the game. Better to have one be the major control (usually the mouse), and the other as a minor role (item swapping, menu navigation and the like).

X-Tender responds:

The Reason why I use the Mouse for the Unzippig is because it doesnt work with the keyboard, also the ninja movment with the mouse would not work.
When you use WASD you dont even have to change your Hand postiion (like on Shooters)
I dont even knew that you can Steal Skirts when you're in Stealth mode :D

Good idea, nice graphics, fun gameplay
however the controls were really screwed up, i could barely half the time press space, in other words, when i pressed space he did nothing. Or when a girl without a skirt was running away so fast she opened a door to another room, i wasn't able to press "w" to hide, thus got slapped again. Also the TV thing was annoying, instead of helping me, i always accidently turned the tv on when i just wanted to get to a skirt.
Also using "w" to hide was not that good too, it was too far away from the space bar.

Like i said, overall good game, but bad controls.

X-Tender responds:

SPACE ist context Sensitive, when you stand in front of the TV and a Girl is standing in fron of you (turning back on you) he goes into the "Skirt Remove Mode" .. when the Girl is too far away or there is no Girl he use the TV.
You have to choose if it is the right place to undress a Girl, when she's near a Door there is a possibility that she opens the door and the other sees you, it's part of the Gampelay to know when it is a good moment to do the move.

This game is so freaking weird.

I'm currently topping the chart for today's high score on normal... Yay?