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Reviews for "Stealth Pervert"

meh....is ok but i find it not that good,if this your first game then...HOLY CRAP IS IT AWSOME!
anyway is ok

worst game on newgrounds make itdif easyer. even easy is like nightmare

X-Tender responds:

Are you are just not Ninja enough for the game. ;)

This game is actually pretty addictive. I really can't understand all the negative comments(maybe disappointment for lack of nudity). Admittedly it can get pretty repetitive after about 50 skirts, with the only motivation for continuing being a high score, and it is pretty easy, a little too easy, especially on the so-called "hardcore" difficulty. From my experience, the only real thing that's different is that their vision is a lot wider but it's still pretty much the same thing. Also, I don't really see the purpose of the TV's. They seem to get in the way a lot more than they actually help, and they rarely ever actually help, if they ever do at all. I mean it's good for bringing in girls closer, but other than that, not much of a help in the slightest. With that said, hopefully you will add in some more features in the future that will create some more variety, especially once you get past that 50 skirt mark, and make it a little more difficult as well. All-in-all, great game.

X-Tender responds:

Thanks for the comment.
The TV is a good element to separate a Girl from a Crowd. Mostly it only works when you have a empty room with a TV and the next room contains some Girls.
I planed to add more Useable objects that helps you to control the girls movement indirectly but at the end I didn't hat more time.
Also that the gameplay is,well, always the same is the downside of missing Feature and yes the Difficulty mainly just change the Girls view Distance and movespeed.
Maybe your are also too good for the Hardcore Difficulty :)

good game

Absolutely retarded...