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Reviews for "Stealth Pervert"

pretty cool but at times the girl slaps me while her back is turned, leads me to believe these girls are ninjas XD also I was hidden in the door and the girl still found me. the zipper part seems to be random or it has a trick to it since I cant see why she notices after I have already near finished.
next the tv static continues after I get a game over.
maybe you need a stop sound event? and ad another to stop all sounds when the game begins
so it refreshes. unless the game is meant to be harrowing since skit stealing is punishable by lawXD

X-Tender responds:

I fixed the TV Bug for the Update. THe Reason why she slapped you while you're hidden in the door is maybe because she seen you while you steped into the steps. close a door between you and a Girl first before hiding :)

I wouldn't mind the game being so difficult if the game itself and the controls weren't so slow. That paired with the difficulty just saps the fun out of it all.

tricky but fun :)

I liked this until I found the Infinite miniskirt glitch--Have a girl moving near a TV. Turn it on to get her to stop with the question mark. Initiate the zipper game, but hold space. So long as you successfully complete the minigame each time, while holding space, you will continue to initiate the minigame. This likely isn't infinite, actually, but it can net you over 100 attempts, easily.

X-Tender responds:

Thanks, I will take a look at it. I currently work on an Update with some Bugfixes and different difficulty Levels and NewGrounds-API connection

By guy wouldn't stop going right on the third house, so I kept running into girls because I couldn't hide, or avoid running into them.