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Reviews for "Stealth Pervert"

It's fun, but perhaps a bit too easy on Hardcore. Some suggestions for making it a bit more challenging: Give less time to unzip the skirts on harder difficulties, and start the player with fewer lives.

As far as making comboing easier, the TVs are nice, but pale in comparison to being intentionally seen and then shutting a door and stealthing. The girls arrive so much faster with the latter method. So, something to rebalance the difference between the two would be nice.

I thought that the game you have developed is quite fun ! It is completely different idea wise then you see around this site lately, and the mix of different game plays; i.e. (stealth to unzipping)

all in all a great game and a good time, thank you for creating it so I could waste my time playing it!

It needs work

X-Tender responds:

What kind of improovements you would like to see?

HMM... so im a pervert after all....

Loved it.
It could use some tweaking and adjusting here and there, hence the 4,5 stars.
For example, if you're standing against the door, open it and tap the key corresponding the way you're facing just briefly, you will stand in the door opening, the girls will not notice you, but they WILL close the door, if you tap the same key once again, you will be pushed inside, making you impervious to their handbags.
I'd like to see the hardcore level zippers actually be a bit more hard, since they're actually the same as in the easy levels..
Also a suggestion for the combo; if you unzip a skirt, you get the combo, if you manage to get a girl within that time, you get slightly more time to get the next girl for your combo, and so on?

Anyway, I think you did a great job for a 2 weeks project and it's absolutely amazing what you've come up with!

X-Tender responds:

Thanks. :)