Reviews for "Lost in a Maze"

so precious

Eyelids-pie responds:

i just want to bury him
in my luscious beard

The whole time my reaction was: WTF AM I WATCHING? And guess what? I loved every bit of it.

Eyelids-pie responds:

during this entire review my reaction was WHERE ARE THEY GOING WITH THIS
and guess what?
i loved that bit at the end

Awesome :D

Eyelids-pie responds:

thanks >:}

this is so true in the game

Eyelids-pie responds:

he just kept running around that maze
and there was nothing you could do to stop him

I must watch this animation at least three or four times a week, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. The music, the animation, the humor (love the moment of the guy jumping out of the bushes and scaring the bats)... it's all beautifully done. I'd definitely be up another go ahead in the world of Salazar and his adventures while being lost in his maze.

Keep up the great work!