Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

Loved it. Brings me back. Good job.

man i love retro game. It was really colorful and the music supports the mood. Really nice classic games man, keep up the good work

BLARGGGG im haveing a sezure nice game thooooo

some people say that video games companys like nintedo are old but i dont trust them

Perfect. The game was a piece of vibrant art. I was finally able to figure out the ones with the tubes or pipes and I was able to complete it 100%. I liked the menu with the 10 second timer, it give it this arcade feel. I also loved the games that were inspired out of classics. My favorite one was the megaman one. The graphics are beautiful. I don't know why so many people are whining, the graphics don't disturb me at all. The graphics were actually colorful and adorable. Also, I like the glitch of the ducks flying on the games you play after the duck hunt one. This one goes on my favorites. All of it is perfect. 5 stars!