Reviews for "Chunkadelic"

Here is my review:


First: the music. I really loved the music. It makes enjoy even more the game.
The mini-games. I liked all of them. Some easy (like Snake) and some a little bit more difficult (Car) but nothing too hard.
Flashes, colors everywhere, shakes. You really hate the epilepsy. (A warning it would be awesome). But it was so cool.
It was very adicted, shame that my eyes started to burn after the third time.

Score: 5/5, +5 Rate, +Favs
Good job, really good job.

I played your game at 3am, half-asleep when I should've been in bed and it was the easiest thing I'd ever played. I came back the next day, fully awake and I crashed and burned horribly.

This game is addictive, well designed, and fun. Then again, I'm an old skool games junky so I might be slightly biased. (But who cares? :D)

5/5 and 5/5, keep up the good work.

BLARGGGG im haveing a sezure nice game thooooo

I felt like on an acid odyssey @^@

some people say that video games companys like nintedo are old but i dont trust them